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We encourage you to do your bit for the environment and in that endeavor, we recommend that you recycle your old mobile phones, accessories and other devices and here’s how we can help you do so. We accept and recycle mobile phones and electronic devices of all brands. We recycle all parts including batteries, handsets, chargers and other accessories. We make it very convenient for you to recycle all the mobile parts at one common drop-off point.


Our service is free and you can post us your old cell phones, accessories and devices using our pre-paid recycling bags or by downloading a pre-paid mailing label from our website or you can drop off your devices at any of our 2000 collection centers. We encourage and ensure responsible recycling. Our recyclers follow environmental standards that minimize any hazard to the environment or human health and ensure safe material management.


Any revenue that is generated by recycling materials is invested in community programs. We help to conserve resources. Our recycling processes help to recover almost 95 percent of materials in cell phones, accessories, and other devices and these are used to make new products. The recovery of materials by means of recycling helps to limit the requirement to mine and utilize non-renewable resources, thereby conserving valuable resources and avoiding pollution of air and water and reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.


We specialize in evaluation of all mobile phones and accessories and we can offer very good prices for your mobile phones, tablets, smart phones and their accessories based on the current market value. We offer fixed prices for working and faulty mobile phones and you will know upfront what you are going to get for your old phone. We will also send you the payment for your old device as soon as we receive it.


We ensure that all the data on your cell phone is completely erased and destroyed during the recycling process. We ensure your peace of mind that your data is safe and cannot be accessed by anyone. We do not resell your old mobile handsets and accessories, everything is taken apart. We are a government accredited recycling company, which means that our recycling program and methods meet the environment safety standard continually. Our recycling services can help you reduce electronic clutter in your home and by recycling your mobile phones, accessories and other devices; you can save space in your home.

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